About me


I'm Ben Bassett, hailing from Tolland, Connecticut. I'm currently pursuing my further education, but am often taking on new projects to hone my skills. I enjoy finding definitively elegant solutions to complex problems, then incorporating them into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs.

I don't know everything. Who does? Nevertheless, I'm passionate about and invested in the projects I pursure, and am always willing to learn a new skill or tackle an unfamiliar challenge.

What I'm Up To

  • Education

    Undergraduate physics, math, & CS student at Hillsdale College

  • Development
    Tech Resume

    "Freelance" software developer contributing to open-source

  • Music
    Music Resume

    Tickling the ivories for 10+ years, and occasionally plucking some strings

  • Reading

    Voracious bibliophile, reviewing literature over on Goodreads

  • Podcasting

    Hosting Rhetoric in Retrospect, schedules permitting (they don't)

  • Photography

    Photographing any beauty within sight with occasional success


  • Christian Dancy

    Christian Dancy

    When it comes to Benjamin Bassett you will find very few students with the skillset, understanding, passion, and most importantly work ethic that he has toward learning. Ben has a desire to know God's creation in as many ways as possible and works diligently studying to learn as much as possible about the world we live in and its many aspects.

My Work



  1. Hillsdale College

    2023 — Present

    Currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at Hillsdale College studying physics, math, computer science, and as many other things as they let me take in a year.

  2. Classical Conversations

    2011 — 2023

    A graduate of Classical Conversations, homeschooled through their curriculum from kindergarten through the end of high school.

  3. Teenpact Leadership Schools

    2013 — 2022

    A graduate of Teenpact Leadership Schools, Senator Elect of 2021, top of the class 2x. Involved extensive leadership, campaigning, delegation, and public speaking.


  1. Physics Research


    Physics research project at the Hillsdale Lauback Lab, working to analyze the magnetic moment of microscopic beads. Involves novel data processing with Python, MATLAB, and Mathematica.

  2. Physics Research


    Pulsar research through the NANOStars collaboration, involving the review, classification, and analysis of hundreds of reprocessed pulsar candidates from the Green Bank and Parkes radio telescopes as well as LoFASM radio telescope construction and solar eclipse observations.

  3. Intern


    Summer internship at The Blake Center for Faith and Freedom involving groundskeeping, audio/visual management, equipment repair, and event coordination.

  4. Media Coordinator

    2021 — 2023

    Media Coordinator for the Presbyterian Church of Coventry. Responsibilities including website management, designing automation piplines, and A/V equiment supervision/upgrading.

  5. Open-Source Developer

    2020 — Present

    Contributes to open-source software, develops applications for personal use, and designed, built, and maintains enterprise-grade homelab + network that hosts over 100 services.



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